One last tree standing in a forest, the result of man’s neglect

To think of any future, beyond today’s project

To maximize his profits, more money to gain power

And now the only rain that falls is only acid showers


As I sink deeper into my chair I think of all the things that I have wanted to accomplish in my life. There were so many goals and plans. I was going to have a wonderful career. I was going to be happily married, and have a family. I was going to have a house, with a gorgeous garden.

And then I start to review what I have actually accomplished. I have a happy marriage. We don’t have children, but we have cats, and a home, and friends. My husband cherishes me, and I cherish him and every day I can spend with him. To me, this is far more important than any dreams of material possessions that I may have had, and for this I am truly grateful.

Feeding Time

Behind the mirror I could see
The shadow of a form
No one was there
I was alone
My thoughts began to swarm

What was this shadowed figure there
Perhaps it was a ghost
But a ghost of who
Or what creature
Perhaps an evil host?

I imagined I could see it move
In the darkness deep
Creeping forward slowly
Without a noise
My heart began to leap

And then I heard a purring noise
Behind me on the floor
I felt a gentle touch
Against my leg
Then I feared no more

I turned around to greet the cat
With a happy sigh
It looked and meowed
“Where’s my food?
I want some mousy pie!”

So I fed my hungry cat
And settled for the night
She soon climbed up
Upon the bed
And snuggled close and tight


It’s 4:30 am on a Tuesday and I’m wide awake.
I’m not sure what woke me from a sound sleep, but I do know that thoughts are now dancing around in my head that are keeping me awake. Why did I say that? What was I hoping would happen? And why am I still feeling so ashamed about it? Why, after all these years, does it still matter to me.
The truth of the matter is that it does. No matter what I may have done wrong, or what I think I have done wrong, the thoughts continue to upset me years after the actions don’t matter anymore. These thoughts keep me awake at night. Or they wake me from a troubled dream, in which the same arguments happen over and over again.
I wonder what it must be like to be a normal person.


If I were an animal
I would like to be a cat
To lie around and sleep all day,
And other things like that

They’d feed me when I’m hungry,
And play when I am bored
They would give me lots of toys.
I know I’d be adored.

And if I met some mousies,
We’d have a little chat
They would keep out of the way,
And I could grow quite fat

That’s the life for me, I know,
The one I want the most
But for now I’ll stay a human,
Quite dead, really a ghost


Her biggest failure was
Not believing in herself
She doubted all her talents
Kept her emotions on a shelf

She longed for a happy life
When all she’d do was gold
Unlike her tarnished deeds today
She’d show that she was bold

Not realizing that she was
All that she wanted to be
She only needed to open her cage
And let her soul fly free

But the cage was very strong
She’d built it with her doubts
All she needed was to believe
To let herself climb out

And so she languished day by day
Not letting her light shine
This should be a lesson
Don’t to your fears assign

Importance enough to build walls
Against which you feel lost
Remind yourself that your are strong
You will rise at any cost

The Declutter Rag

Pick them up
And rearrange
Leave them in
Some places strange

Maybe choose
Another room
Time to get out
My new broom

That’s the declutter rag

Pile them high
On that bare space
Send them into
Outer space

When it’s done
And all is moved
I don’t think
That anything’s proved

That’s the declutter rag

There’s still the same
Amount of stuff
When will I ever
Do enough

Did I throw
A single thing out
I rather think
I’m full of doubt

That’s the declutter rag

Company’s coming
I’d better hide
All the stuff
That I’ve tried

So very hard
To throw away
Not keep it here
For another day

That’s the declutter rag

That’s the declutter
That’s the declutter
That’s the declutter rag!