And so the old year closes
With memories bad and good
We’ve made a lot a progress
Maybe not done all we should

But this to friends I’d like to say
With gratitude, and pride
Thank you all for being there
And letting me share your ride



I’m searching, always searching,
So few answers do I find.
But this I know for certain:
‘Tis far better to be kind.

Should I believe in God above,
A Father to us all?
Is Zen the way to live my life?
Or are we witches all?

Does Gaia rule o’er all the lands?
Or perhaps no One at all
Guides our lives and destinies
And witnesses our fall.

There still must be one major truth
To guide us and give meaning
Or we may all in chaos live
With no direction seeming

I’m searching, always searching,
So few answers do I find.
But this I know for certain:
‘Tis far better to be kind.


It’s very hard to concentrate
When you sit and purr at me.
That pleading meow, those staring eyes…
Why can’t you let me be?

It’s not that I’m just staff, you know
Though I answer every whim,
Play with you now? Yes, of course!
I’m just your jungle gym

The way you trample over me
And swat my moving toes
It was much calmer before you came.
But I’ll survive, I ‘spose.

Burnt Ends

Grandmother, I’m so very cold
And I’ve lost my shoes
Mother’s slippers were too big
And fell off in the snow
And now I’m here with nothing sold
I dare not go back home
Father’s anger would be great
And he’d beat me to the bone

I’ll rest here in this corner
My hair covered with snow
But I scarce can feel a thing
My hands are frozen so
Perhaps if I strike a match
To warm my hands and feet
But what is this I see inside?
A feast with golden meat

But the match dies in my hand
And no more feast I see
My feet still cold, my poor hands too
Another match for me
And what is this that now is shown
A tree with glowing lights
Another light falls from the sky
Someone has died this night

Grandmother, I am freezing still
The rest I’ll light for warmth
And there you stand and smile at me
As bright as any hearth
And now we fly up to the sky
Your arms around me firm
Grandmother, I am happy now
No matches left to burn

Not Caught Up

Whether Liberal or Conservative
Whatever they may speak
NDP or Green party
Your own goals you should seek

It’s better to keep going
Than get caught up in the fray
There are things that matter far more
Than all the stuff they say

Your house may overwhelm you
Too cluttered, too much stuff
You feel you need to catch up
It never seems enough

But it’s better to keep going
Keep doing what you can
Don’t stress about how long it takes
Just follow your own plan

You’ll feel better in the long run
After all, it’s not a race
Not keeping up with others
Doesn’t make you a disgrace

You don’t need to get caught up
In the life the Jones’s live
Happiness does not rely
On what possessions give

Or trips to places far away
May seem to be desired
More important is the life you choose
And what makes you inspired