Not Caught Up

Whether Liberal or Conservative
Whatever they may speak
NDP or Green party
Your own goals you should seek

It’s better to keep going
Than get caught up in the fray
There are things that matter far more
Than all the stuff they say

Your house may overwhelm you
Too cluttered, too much stuff
You feel you need to catch up
It never seems enough

But it’s better to keep going
Keep doing what you can
Don’t stress about how long it takes
Just follow your own plan

You’ll feel better in the long run
After all, it’s not a race
Not keeping up with others
Doesn’t make you a disgrace

You don’t need to get caught up
In the life the Jones’s live
Happiness does not rely
On what possessions give

Or trips to places far away
May seem to be desired
More important is the life you choose
And what makes you inspired