Burnt Ends

Grandmother, I’m so very cold
And I’ve lost my shoes
Mother’s slippers were too big
And fell off in the snow
And now I’m here with nothing sold
I dare not go back home
Father’s anger would be great
And he’d beat me to the bone

I’ll rest here in this corner
My hair covered with snow
But I scarce can feel a thing
My hands are frozen so
Perhaps if I strike a match
To warm my hands and feet
But what is this I see inside?
A feast with golden meat

But the match dies in my hand
And no more feast I see
My feet still cold, my poor hands too
Another match for me
And what is this that now is shown
A tree with glowing lights
Another light falls from the sky
Someone has died this night

Grandmother, I am freezing still
The rest I’ll light for warmth
And there you stand and smile at me
As bright as any hearth
And now we fly up to the sky
Your arms around me firm
Grandmother, I am happy now
No matches left to burn