A Royal Tale

A princess I was born
And a princess I will stay.
My mother always tells me
“You’ll find your prince one day!”
But I would rather be alone,
And wander where I may
So for now I’ll live apart
And send all suitors away

My parents thought to put me
To live up in a tower
“A prince will come to save you
‘Twill be your finest hour!”
But I did cut my hair short
And stayed long in my bower
No prince could climb to see me
So strong was my willpower

My parents had to set me free
So I began to wander
But got caught out in a great storm
With lots of rain and thunder
I pounded on a castle gate
When I began to hunger
They let me in and fed me well
Then offered place to slumber

The prince had given me a look
Quite full of speculation
He was searching for a bride
And eyed me with predation
They offered me a lofty bed
It seemed a strange creation
But when I climbed up to the top
I felt a hard sensation

I climbed back down as soon I could
To check under the mattress
And there I found a small round pea
It struck me rather tactless
I pulled it out and placed another
In place upon the canvas
Next morning I was much refreshed
I’d escaped a life disastrous

You see, in all my wanderings
I’ve kept my wits about me
I know when best to cut my hair
And when to use a bush pea
So I will stay a loner still
Living free and happy
And to my parents’ sorrow still
Never will I a wife be.