Writing Challenge

So, what’s up with this writing thing, anyway? Why is it so difficult to get two hundred and fifty words down on paper? (See what I did there?) Well, I can’t exactly say this is getting them down on paper. Or I could – if I print this.
Anyway, perhaps I might have received a clue back in high school. In Grade Twelve (smart, eh?), our teacher made us write a composition every day for two weeks. Every school day, that is. So I did. I can’t say it was easy, and finding topics was a struggle, but I managed it. And it turns out that most of my compositions were, shall we say, on the dark (creepy?) side. I guess I shouldn’t have been totally surprised when my shorthand teacher told me that all he had read my stories. Apparently they were passed around the staff room. Maybe my English teacher considered it a warning to others.
There have been lots of times in my life when I have composed short stories. Some of them even made it onto paper. Others, not so much. And I will admit, writing is something I enjoy. But I’ve always had a good excuse not to do it. The biggest was that my brain was always faster than my typing. I guess aging is now my friend, because that doesn’t appear to be much of a problem anymore.
A friend of mine challenged me to put one of my “oral” short stories down on paper this year. That’s mainly because she wrote the sequel, years before the two of us even met. But that’s a topic for another day.
Anyway, onwards and upwards!