As you may have noticed, we entered a new year fairly recently. To be honest, things seem pretty much the same as they were maybe a week ago, but we are actually in 2016. Frequently, the beginning of a new year means that some people make resolutions. These may include decluttering (both body and/or surroundings), taking up something new (learning a new skill or doing something different), or practising more if you have already “sort of” started learning a new skill (yes, guitar, I will get to you later!).
For me, I decided to take up a writing challenge issued by a friend of mine. The decision was spurred on by the fact that another friend took it up first – at a level that seemed quite easy to achieve. So, here I am, trying to write (at least) 250 words per day.
This was originally intended to spur on my song-writing, and that actually worked on the first day. But my song-writing ideas have been in hiding for the past couple of days, and so I find myself blogging instead. The irony of this is that I originally started out on Live Journal, and only seemed to post something if a member of our feline family passed away. Then I tried quilt-blogging. However, I’m very much a beginner quilter, and quite frankly I seem to achieve very little. So that is basically in limbo. I may post now and again, but it’s mainly about cleaning up my sewing spaces.
So, here I am, folks. For lack of anything better to do, I’m “blogging” – about really mundane stuff. If you like what you read, and feel like joining me – great! If you don’t – well, I totally understand.