She had decided that it was much easier to pretend that she didn’t see the Brownies. They didn’t actually bother her. In fact, her life was actually much better for the fact that they hung around. Not once was a sock missing from the laundry. Anything that was lost always “magically” reappeared.

It was only difficult when other people came to visit. Several of her friends had sworn they had seen a huge “fly or something”. It was only by abruptly changing the subject could she get them to look away, so that the Brownie could get out of sight.

She made sure she always had the right food for the Brownies, to thank them for their kindnesses. She had discovered that they loved the steel cut oats in porridge. And although she wasn’t fond of honey herself, she made sure there was lots around for the wee folk. It was worth it for all the milk that never spoiled and all the loose buttons that seemed to miraculously resew themselves tight overnight.

Even the cat seemed happier. While matting had been a problem in the past, now his fur was constantly smooth and silky. He purred constantly, and sometimes she would catch a glimpse of something small seemingly scratching behind his ear. But no. She decided she really didn’t see a thing. So much easier, thank you!

And so it went. Friends grew envious, and even wary. They were constantly gossiping about their own household mishaps, and she never had a word to add about her own. When a friend dropped by unexpectedly, that morning, with her usual tale of all that went wrong in her house, she silently congratulated herself on her own “luck”. It was only when she left the room for a moment, to make the tea, and she heard the loud smack of the paper on the table, that she knew it was about to end.

“Got it!”, exclaimed her friend. “It was the ugliest big bug you’ve ever seen!”

Yes, things really started to go downhill after that.