The human brain is an incredibly unhelpful instrument.

I mean, here we are with something that helps us get through every day by reminding us how to dress, when to eat, how to walk, talk, and so on. (Granted, any of these things may come out in less-than-perfect ways.) But it hasn’t managed to perfect keeping one’s mood in a good place all the time.

For instance, one day everything is great. You have lots of energy, and you just want to get out there and do all the stuff. The very next day, you’re wondering what hit you. You think you can manage sitting up for an hour or two. And then all the energy goes away and it’s all you can do to go lie down and have a nap to bring your energy levels back up.

Or so you think.

Because just as soon as you start again, there’s that brain of yours telling you just to sit and do nothing, because you’re not going to accomplish anything anyways.

After awhile, you wonder if there is going to be another good day anytime soon, because the stuff you’re not getting done now is piling up, and you’re going to be buried under it, and no one will ever find you, and oh, you’re so tired, you’d better go back to bed.

And, of course, when bedtime comes, that same brain that can hardly function during the day will not shut up to let you sleep. You toss and turn, and why won’t that song go away, and, oh shoot, I forgot to do that thing, and what do you mean I have to pee now, and oh please let me sleep.

And rinse and repeat.

You’d think the brain would have learned by now.



It has.