And so the goblin danced.

It wasn’t that he was particularly happy, after all. But today, his eyes had seen such wonders…

He had wandered into the forest this morning, in search of something to eat. It was one such as he had never seen before. There were so many flowers, in brilliant blues and reds and yellows. He had previously only seen pale imitations, and these captivated him with their riot of colours.

Once he had managed to overcome his awe with the floral abundance, he had continued on to find a small stream. He eagerly slaked his thirst, and then watched in the shadows for any small fish that may be darting by. He deftly caught one, and quickly made a breakfast of it.

Once his hunger had been dealt with, he decided to explore further into this marvellous place. He heard noises overhead, and looked up to see little bits of colour moving between the leaves. It was birds. His mother had told him about birds, but he had never actually seen one before. It was like a flower flying up in the air – as colourful as those on the ground. But these flowers sang!

As I’m sure you can imagine, a little goblin such as he was not used to such pretty songs. His mother had sung him lullabies. They were all about wars, and kings, and fighting. Nothing had prepared him for such music as was made by the birds. This music was light, and airy. It was magical! And so, of course, he danced.