It’s easy to get caught up in all those “shoulds” in life. You know the ones I mean. The “should not be so cluttered”, and the “should lose weight”. There’s the “should get organized”, and the “should eat better”. There are so many of them. And it’s really easy to get weighed down by the sheer number of them that we seem so willing to accept as important.

But who is it that makes these rules? Society? Our peers? Our parents?

Yes, to all of these. But they’re not the ones that really give them the heavy weight that we feel when we’re not accomplishing all we “should”.

That responsibility rests on our shoulders.

We’re the ones who agree that these are rules we “should” follow. Because we know that when we do, when we accomplish everything we “should” accomplish, we will be happy, and successful, and rich…

I think there are other roads to happiness. Roads that do not include all these “shoulds”. These are roads we take when we help others. When we pay attention to nature. When we practice gratitude and kindness in our daily lives.

And as for being rich? A life of happy memories from doing these things – I believe this is a wealth that cannot be bought.

If we accept any “shoulds”, they ought to be ones that we feel are important to us. Like taking the time to read a book. Or spending some time with a cat that has decided that it needs your attention now. Or taking the time to have a really nice hot cup of tea while looking at the birds on the feeder.

And it might just make our “to-do” lists a little shorter too.