Pay It Forward

There are some wonderful people in the world.

And there is a wonderful practice called “Pay it Forward”. Today, we witnessed it in action.

Many years ago, my husband (who is the most wonderful person in the world) hired a young man who was a recent graduate. He worked with that young man for several years, and probably was something of a mentor for him.

Today, we had lunch with friends, and that young man came over to say hello to us. It had been many years since he had worked with my husband, but he made a point of coming over and greeting us, and speaking with my husband for a few minutes. We noticed after that he was sitting over in a corner of the same restaurant, with a group of people.

When we were nearly finished our meal, and he had left with his group, our waiter came over to tell us that this kind young man had paid for our meals – for all of our meals (there were four of us at the table). It was a thank you to my husband.

I had goosebumps when the waiter told us that the meals were covered. He later told us he had goosebumps when he found the young man was going to pay for the meals.

This was a simple act of kindness on the young man’s part. Yes, it was totally unnecessary. But it was totally appreciated, by all of us. It was a beautiful bright spot in our day, and one for which we are very grateful.

I truly believe in “Pay it Forward”. I believe that we all should bring some good into this world, whether by doing things for others, or for the good of the planet. Maybe by playing some music. Maybe by looking after others.

Whatever – I want to say thank you to this kind young man. This meant a very great deal to us, and it will not be forgotten.