A Sense of Human

My husband and I were having a discussion about something this morning, and I remarked that “x” needed a sense of humour. At least, that’s what I intended to say. It came out as “a sense of human”.

In thinking about it, perhaps that wasn’t really a mistake.

It seems to me that we are very happy to spend our lives as observers. We watch TV. We spend time on the internet. We check our phones constantly. But there isn’t a lot of participation involved. It’s easier to stay aloof and just watch, than to actually get in there and get our hands “dirty”.

I’m like that myself. I could sit and look at housework for hours, and exhaust myself with all the energy required for it to be done (while not actually lifting a finger myself, that is).

I think we (okay, “I”) need to participate more. Maybe we need to first of all get out there and look around a bit. You know. Go for a walk in the neighbourhood. Check out the neighbour’s gardens. Think of ways of improving our own yards. (For “our” tastes, of course.)

Maybe we need to get to know the whole area a bit better. Find out where the needs are. Are there homeless shelters? Are there homeless? Could we maybe buy some socks and donate them? Or knit or crochet squares or blankets, or scarves, or hats for donation? Could we volunteer at a shelter? Or maybe make beds or toys for animal shelters?

I don’t know about you, but I always have great intentions. But somehow, I don’t seem to be “human” enough to follow through on most of them. Maybe it’s time I learned how.