The forecast called for heavy storms on the day that the little gremlin set out on his journey. Not that he knew anything of this, though, for after all, he never listened to a radio.

He had never ventured far from home before, so he was quite unprepared for the large creatures that inhabited the world near the forest. They seemed as giants – walking here and there – seemingly without any specific purpose. (In fact, that was rather like him, in a way, for he didn’t really know where he was going.)

As he approached a grassy area near some large structures, he saw one of these giants – leaning back against a tree. The giant had some sort of strange, box-like thing on his knee, and he seemed to be watching it while he hit it with various of his fingers. There was no specific rhythm to his fingers as they hit the thing. The little gremlin didn’t think it was a sort of drumming, but then he didn’t know much about these giants either.

As he approached the giant slowly, to try to get a better look (his mother had somehow missed explaining to him about curiosity being a bad thing), he was nearly flattened by a large raindrop. Without thinking, he ran towards the closest shelter he could see – which just happened to be the strange box held by the giant. He made it just before the giant closed up the box and ran off towards the long structure.

That afternoon, John kept trying to work on his programming project, but nothing was working right. No matter what he told the programme to do, there was always some unexpected result. After a long afternoon of fruitless effort, he gave up and went to join some chums for coffee.

“I don’t know, man,” he said. “This whole computer of mine seems to have gone wonky. Nothing in my programme is working, and now the darn thing keeps turning itself on and off randomly.”

“Hmmm,” his friend replied. “Must be gremlins.”