Flamingos and Avocados

There once was a flamingo
Who played the guitar
As one does – in the old Spanish way
She started to sing
Of her favourite food
Avocado and shrimp – flambé

Her song was so lovely
It drew a large crowd
Of foodies – all loving her song
They started to sing
Which drew more of a crowd
There finally was a large throng

When her song was done
So famished was she
The headed for the nearest cafe
Seeking their best dish
You’ve guessed, of course
Avocado and shrimp – flambé

The flamingo was sad
For the cafe was poor
No shrimp for the dish had they
Her avocado was served
Quite cold and alone
But with quite a lovely rose

The moral to this
Is clear for to see
If for your supper you sing
There may not be shrimp
Or your favorite dish
But wine makes up for everything