Cat Fur


Cat fur in my coffee
Cat fur on my clothes
Cat fur on my pillow
Cat fur up my nose
If you don’t like cat fur
Then don’t get a cat
But I can tell you truly
It’s not as bad as that

Made a lovely dinner
Meat and veg and rice
Everything was cooked well
Tasted really nice
The little bit of cat fur
Added a nice touch
Almost like a garnish
Not so very much


When guests come to visit
Wearing blue or black
It doesn’t take so very long
My cats have such a knack
Until their clothes are covered
With little bits of fur
I don’t know why they’re upset
It’s something I prefer


And cat fur on the blankets
Adds insulation too
Keeps us so much warmer
Something we never knew
So I love that cat fur
It helps us every day
Keeps us warm and happy
It’s great in every way

Chorus 2X