I got a call the other day
From my friend Myrtle B
Myrtle is a a little shy
And tiny as can be

“It’s time,” she said
“For me to change a bit”
“I need to be a lot more brave.
I thought she’d lost her wits

“I need to come out of my shell,”
She claimed, “If I’m to be
A skydiver.” It made me scared.
Myrtle’s a turtle, you see.

Myrtle chose a little tower
From which to take her dive
The tallest fountain in the park
From which to risk her life

She wore a big “L” on her back
To show she was a “learner”
And off she dove from the highest bit
It was guaranteed to earn her

The confidence she wanted
As her chute opened wide
She drifted gently to the earth
Her face aglow with pride

So now she’s magic Myrtle
A turtle full of daring
She’s ready to try anything
(After properly preparing.)