This is where I go to get my sanity back. I open the pages of a book, and disappear inside.It may be a mystery, a fantasy, a science fiction story, but I become one with the world therein. That is where I draw breath, and join the characters in their journeys and struggles. And when I return to my own world and time, I am refreshed.



It wasn’t a person who stood before me, it was a symbol, a connection to my past. It was someone who made it all real – who validated my existence by saying, “Yes, all these people you remember. I knew them. They existed.” My childhood came rushing back to me at that moment. Not the memories, but the context. And in that moment, I felt grounded.

The morning after the rain…

The grass is always greener where the rain has finally landed. And it took a long time for this rain. Everything has been parched, taking on a straw-yellow colour and consistency. 
But last night it rained, and everything green is rejoicing. The celebration may not last long, but for now, for this moment, it is enough.

Today is a Good Day

There are good days, and there are not so good days.
On a good day, I feel like I have all the energy in the world. I can do housework (well, a bit), and walk up and down stairs, and get ALL THE THINGS done.
On the bad days, it’s all I can do to sit on the sofa and watch television, with the thought that maybe I should get up and move while the commercials are on. But the thought consumes all the energy I have at that moment, and doesn’t become reality.
On the good days, I’m optimistic. I feel good, and loved, and useful.
On the not so good days, I’m a burden to my partner. I’m not a good cat mom. My cats put up with me, hoping that it will get better, but it doesn’t so they mostly ignore me.
On a good day, I think about music. I might even pick up my guitar and practise a bit.
On a really good day, I practise a bit more.
On a not so good day I look at the guitar and feel guilty.
On a good day, I do a bit of writing.
This is a good day.

Changing the World – One Song at a Time

I’m sort of a spiritual person, although perhaps you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I believe that there is a constant shifting of the balance between good and bad in the world.

I especially believe this on those days when I browse FaceBook. (Sadly, this is most days.) There is so much hunger and strife and hatred in the world – so many refugees fleeing what is left of their homes – so many people wanting to keep what little they do have – so much disagreement over who should run any given country – so much hunger for more money – well, you get the picture.

And I believe that there are things that we can do to help shift the balance toward the good side. This is the side where there is hope, and help and compassion for others.

One of these things is making music.

Are you familiar with the organization Playing for Change? They also believe that the world can be changed through music.

Granted, some music could probably make people more angry, or bitter. But there is a lot of music that can uplift people. Change moods. Give hope. Increase communication.

So – my challenge for us is this: Let’s try to share some of the music. Let’s work to make the world a better place. Let’s sing a hopeful song. Or write a hopeful song. Or listen to a happy song. Or sing along, play along – whatever. Let’s do what we can to change this world. With one song at a time.