The sailors were lonely

They’d been too long at sea

They longed and they ached

For some company

Each morning there dawned

Another sad day

Just crumpets and coffee

And skies full of grey

‘Till one day it happened

It had to be fate

One sailor had seen

Something new by his plate

He swore to the others

It was not made up

He had something swimming

In his coffee cup

And so it began

The others soon followed

They’d wake up with hope

And try not to swallow

The tiny sea creatures

That swam in their cups

It seemed that the mermaids

Were happy as ducks

They loved the caffeine

And they drank as they swam

The sailors could see

That they liked a wee dram

And so they declared

Each morn with delight

That having a coffee

Would start the day right


The best part of waking up

Is mermaids in your cup



The heart spoke, saying that she had to come home with me. I knew better. After all, we have 5 cats. And we lost our beloved Gandalf three weeks ago. But this little one. She is so energetic. And so naughty. Well, apparently she was at the store while waiting to be adopted. But here? She zooms up to Boots to greet him, and wants to be where he is. She has explored just about everywhere, although the basement remains a current mystery behind a closed door. She wanted to see Cricket’s room, but a growl from Cricket dissuaded her. She’s so tiny! And yet she has a huge personality. All I know is, she is ours, and now she has two human slaves of her very own.

Crossing the Country on Toilet Paper

If I had been really “with it” on our recent trip across New England, I would have posted every day about the quality, or lack thereof, of toilet paper in most restrooms.

Suffice it to say that the absolute best quality was found in the restroom at Summer Shack in Boston. But, the best presentation was in the Inn at Mills Falls in New Hampshire! I’ve never seen the first sheet folded like a fan before!

Let’s just say, on this topic, that I’m happy to be home.

Keep smiling!




When they tell my story it will always start with how much I loved cats.
It’s not that I collect them, so much, as that I want to give every one a home. And I try, as much as I can, to fulfill that dream. And every time one of them passes, I lose a little bit of my heart.
But that will not stop me. I will always love cats. The fuzzy ones, the grumpy ones, the cuddly ones, the aloof ones. They complete me, and help me to become a better person.
Yes, I am a cat lady. And proud of it.