Chandra’s Song

This is based on a character in Tanya Huff’s novel, “Fire’s Stone“, published in 1990.


Chandra’s Song

We were happy, the three of us
And father, you loved me well
But mother died, and we were two
And your spirit, with her, did dwell

And so I learned in my young years
To seek elsewhere for guidance
A wizard I’ll be without your love
You’ve trained me with your silence

Now you tell me I must wed
A prince from far away
But I swear as Wizard of the Nine
You’ll never see the day

That I’ll be wed to any man
I’ll live my life alone
I’ll never have some prince’s child
To have them take a throne

And live their life, as I have done
Without a parent’s love
And so I make this vow to you
And to the One above.