My Secret

This was something I couldn’t tell anyone, my true soul that could never be shared.
I am an imposter. I am not a good person. I lust after things I cannot have. I feel envious of other’s good fortune, and especially of those with skills greater than mine. This is almost everyone, as I have no skills of any use. And I constantly wish for things that I feel will make my life better, without taking any action whatsoever to achieve them.
This is who I truly am.


The Thief

The thief was stopped by a kitten.
He had it all worked out so well in his mind. He would break in when the family was asleep. There was no dog – so there wouldn’t be any barking to wake them up. He would walk carefully through the house, taking their valuables and electronics, and he would easily be out within a short time. They wouldn’t catch him. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.
That was until the terrifying little beast with razor sharp claws jumped out and bit his ankle. He fell over, knocking over and breaking a large vase. And then the lights came on, and he faced his attacker.
She weighed about three-and-a-half pounds. Her name was Fluffy.


As he counted down the seconds, 

he was eager to see 

Whether or not it would work

Would she answer the door?

Would she tell him to go?

Would he end up just being a jerk?
It had taken him so long

To get up the courage

Just to knock on her door

And now he was waiting

For her to answer

As he’d waited so often before
The problem, you can see, 

Is his timing for this

He’d come by just before noon

He was so shy

That to talk to a girl

Would surely make him just swoon
And so he chose a time

To call on his love

When she probably wasn’t there

At this rate he’ll fail

To win the heart

Of the one he thinks the most fair.