A Brand New Day

Today I didn’t eat as well
As I know I really ought
I didn’t get up and move around
Instead I sat and thought
And there’s so much dust and fur about
I feel quite overwrought
I feel so down, it’s all gone wrong
My life has been for naught


Tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for me
I can choose to change my ways
The cost of this is free
I haven’t failed, it’s not too late
At long last I can see
That tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for me

I haven’t finished half the books
I meant to read this year
My taxes are three years too late
My finances aren’t clear
We meant to build a brand new deck
Not even close, I fear
And my closet is quite overstuffed
Too many clothes and gear


Tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for me
I can choose to change my ways
The cost of this is free
I haven’t failed, it’s not too late
As long as I can see
That tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for me

We thought we chose most wisely
The joke is now on us
The world is a great big mess
We’ll all crash on this bus
The news is filled with doom and gloom
There’s no one we can trust
But we can change this one by one
The onus is on us


Tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for us
We can choose to change our ways
And not just sit and cuss
We haven’t failed, it’s not too late
As long as we discuss
For tomorrow is a brand new day
And a brand new start for us



It’s pretty much impossible to not get distracted when you have cats.

You’ve settled down to read the paper, or a book. But the cat, of course, knows that it’s far more deserving of attention than that piece of paper, or electronics, so it inserts itself between you and the page.

Or you’re sitting down to do some crocheting. And the cat decides it can help by chewing on your yarn, or running off with a ball of wool.

And then there’s when you’re sitting down to write something on the computer. And your senior cat (almost 20) keeps meowing to let you know that it’s far more important for you to pet her, even if she is across the room, because, you know, senior cat.

That’s pretty much my life. And you know, that’s okay.

It’s Mine!

I was listening to a call-in show on the CBC today at noon. The theme was “the toy that got away”. Callers were asked about the one toy that they had had and loved, and that had somehow disappeared over the years.

In many instances, the “disappearances” were due to parents (usually mothers) who had thrown away the toys, or given them to charity or to other children – without consulting the child (now adult) to whom it originally belonged.

Only one of the callers mentioned how upset he was that his mother had disposed of something that was clearly and truly his.

This made me wonder. Why is it that some parents feel it is their right, or even duty, to get rid of their children’s old or excess toys – without consulting the child (teen, adult…), or without involving them in the decision process? This is something I truly do not understand. I mean, I understand decluttering, and so on. But to clearly make a decision about something that is not yours, without involving the individual to whom it belongs? What is that about?

If, for instance, the parent had said “I have a box of your stuff here, and its clearly in the way. I would appreciate your coming to get it as soon as possible, or I will gladly dispose of it for you.”

If a deadline is given, and that deadline passes, without the child/teen/adult responding, then that’s fair game.

But to make such a decision without consulting with them first? To me, that’s just wrong.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and I actually finished all my wrapping before 6 pm. That’s practically unheard of for me.

It was nice to not have to go out for last minute shopping today. And it was nice to sit down and wrap for a change, instead of standing at one of my cutting tables to do it.  And I started my day on my treadmill, so it has been win-win so far.

As always, I feel as if I didn’t buy enough for my husband. And, as always, I feel he has spent too much on me. I wonder if it well ever feel like “just enough”.

Tomorrow we will have a small turkey dinner – just the two of us and a group of begging felines who will try to tell us that they haven’t been fed in days. On Boxing Day we will have dinner with a friend – a tortiere.

It will be food, candy, fun drinks, and a nice time with those we love. Is there anything more we could possibly want?


I’ve had friends share the meme on FB about not going outside because it’s too peopley out there.

While I tend to agree with this, I ventured out today because I needed to do some last minute shopping.

Now, normally, I would hate going to a crowded mall. But today it was fun. I was commiserating with store clerks and other shoppers about being hot ALL the time. I was smiling at babies. And I was wishing complete strangers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

It’s not necessarily true that I’ve grown to like people any more (although anything is possible). But it seems that I’m channeling my mother more and more each day.

First, my stamina is not what it used to be. I can walk a lot, but I do need to stop to take a breather on occasion. This is probably due to the fact that I overheat easily, and that I’m just not as fit as I used to be.

Second, I like talking to people. Almost anyone, really. It’s fun. We all have so much more in common than we think, and it’s a lot of fun to reach out to others, and to raise a smile.

Third, it’s fun to smile at babies, and to get a smile back. They’re such lovely little people, with so much potential. True, some are rather shy. But they still peek at others to see if they’re still looking.

All of these things are things that my mother used to do. I love my mother, and I miss her terribly. She’s been gone for over twenty-five years now. But I am so happy that she is part of me. And that I’m becoming her in certain ways. This doesn’t mean that I’m actually becoming her. But I AM becoming someone like her, and this is a good thing.

I miss you Mom.

It’s Always a Good Day…

When you have the opportunity to share your love of something with another person.

So today was a really good day! I got to introduce someone to filk – someone who had never heard of it before, but thinks it sounds interesting. I also learned about a filk group that does Harry Potter songs – one I had never heard of before.

And, I got to speak to someone who loves music, but is looking for a way to express that love through an instrument. We have many for her to try, and a community that is willing to share and to help. So, even though I didn’t get everything done on my checklist today, on the balance I think it still turned out well.

And yes, I did get on my treadmill!


A friend on FB wrote that he has cats and therefore he can’t have nice things. He wrote this after a lamp was knocked down, and a giraffe figurine was broken. My response was that cats *are* nice things.

Yes, they can be destructive. That’s pretty much what they were designed for, so far as I can see.

Yes, they run around like mad demons in their games and playing with each other. See above.

But they purr.

And to my mind, there’s nothing quite so soothing as a purring cat. Unless it’s purring in your ear very loudly in the middle of the night. But I digress.

It’s a joy to watch them run around, stopping from time to time to refuel so they can play some more.

It’s a joy when they display affection to you – like beating up your hand because it’s their favourite chew toy. Or grooming your head. Because it’s there.

I used to think the same way my friend thinks. But I finally realized that cats will be cat. And you know? That’s why I love them.