So there I was, folding my newly clean laundry so that I could put it away, with an old favourite song wandering through my mind. The song was “The Unicorn”, and I’m sure you can hear it now in your own head. You’re welcome.

My attention wanders when I’m doing mindless tasks, and it happened in this case too. When I returned to the words of the song, I found that they had morphed into something a little different:

“I’ve got your green alligators
And long necked sheep…”

Wait a minute. That’s not how it goes. And now I’m beginning to specuate on what a long necked sheep would look like.

I updated my status on FB, as one does, with this little aimless musing. A friend soon comments “Wouldn’t a long necked sheep be a llama?” I managed to avoid any religious jokes. Instead, I replied that I had actually been thinking of alpacas.

And, of course, the song is continuing to wander it’s way through my now somewhat confused brain. And now I can hear:

“Some humpty backed llamas
And some chimpanzees…”

Another friend popped in to comment that he wasn’t going to get involved, and immediately writing about a honking goose and a Canadian Moose (or some such similar creature).

I now have an image in my head of a honking moose. Of course.

There are days that I am glad that I cannot draw, because I think I would have been forced to illustrate this.

I think perhaps some tea is in order.