Does this make my But look big?

The thing about being what you want to become, is that thare are so many reasons (excuses?) not to do the tasks that are involved.

But I don’t have time.

But I’m not good at it.

But what if I make a mistake? (That’s the biggest one for me.)

The truth is, I am never going to be what I want to be, if I don’t just do it. (Yeah, I know, Nike commercial.)

However, (see what I did there?) the funny thing is that my approach to different tasks seems to be changing ever so slightly. For instance, I picked up my guitar this morning, and played and sang something that I learned a long time ago. (If you really want to know, it was “Four Strong Winds”.) And I really sang. Not just singing along, but really singing. Because, you see, I love to sing. And I started to get goosebumps.

These goosebumps weren’t because I was singing so well. They were because I was actually enjoying what I was doing. I was playing my guitar, and I was singing. and it was fun! In fact, when I finished, I hugged my guitar.

So, yeah, I usually have a really big but.

I’m working on making it a lot smaller.