Day 4

I would be naive to think that this epiphany that I’ve had will stay with me every day.

And yet, that’s what I’m attempting to make happen. I have my checklist to follow, which helps. And I’m working on my mind – to repeat the positive things, not the negatives. To question myself every time I start to just sit at the computer and veg. Or when I’m watching television. I still remind myself of what I’m working to accomplish.

So – a question that is coming to mind now is – what sort of person do I want to be? Do I want to be the woman that is waited on hand and foot by her husband? (Well, yeah, wouldn’t that be great? And to be honest, that is pretty much my life.) The answer is, “No.” I want to be an equal partner in this life that we have made together. That means washing dishes, and making meals. (Even though it’s easy to argue that he’s far better at those things than I am.)

It also means that I must continue to remind myself that I will Become by Being. So whenever I’m feeling demotivated (happens a lot), or tired, or just, let’s be honest, lazy, I use my mantra to remind myself to get moving.

They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit. And this is only day 4. It will be a journey. But I’m going to see where it leads me.