Day 5 – Friday

Well, it’s still a journey.

I find my checklist and my internal mantras to be invaluable. My checklist reminds me of things I want to do to reach my goal (being my goal?). My mantra keeps giving me the impetus to get up off my butt to do those things.

For example.

I want to be the sort of person who walks on the treadmill every day. Boring, yeah? Well, yes. But I am a diabetic, and constant and consistent exercise are important to help keep my blood sugar in balance. And maybe, just maybe, if I keep it up and increase the amount slowly, I might lose a few ounces as well.

This is important. I really, REALLY, would like to lose weight. But that might not happen. There are both metabolism and genetics at play here. Not to mention that the more times you diet, the less you need after each diet to maintain your weight. So you pretty much have to keep eating less. And you know where *that* goes.

So this week I decided *not* to weight myself. Yes, it sucks that I can’t wear some of my rings because my fingers are fat or swollen. But if I lose some weight, I may be able to start wearing them again. And I won’t need my scales to tell me that.

I find it’s also important to dress appropriately for my goals. Yes, I’d love to have gorgeous clothes. (Well, actually, maybe I wouldn’t.) I don’t care to be fashionable, because a) that’s fleeting, and b) who really wants to follow the crowd? However, it’s important that what I wear makes me feel comfortable. And I don’t just mean comfy here. I mean comfortable and happy in my own skin. Because that’s what this whole thing is about, after all.

So, onwards and upwards. Let’s see what this weekend will bring.

(Aside from snow, that is. It can stop now. Seriously.)