So, have I solved all the problems of the universe? Sadly, no.

It seems almost every day that more horrific things have happened in the world. There are more killings. More children are suffering and dying. What is it about people that makes it seem that killing and death are appropriate actions?

We need more balance in this world. We need more light and more good things. Therefore, every day I am going to try to add some more to the positive side. I will sing. I will crochet beds for animal shelters. I will try to make someone smile (I mean that in a positive way, not in the “I will force you to smile, damn it!” way.)

My writing is very introspective, and that is what *I* need right now, to bolster myself and my developing habits. But I will make every attempt to write good things, positive things, to add more to the positive force in this world.

I will work to make a difference.