A friend on FB wrote that he has cats and therefore he can’t have nice things. He wrote this after a lamp was knocked down, and a giraffe figurine was broken. My response was that cats *are* nice things.

Yes, they can be destructive. That’s pretty much what they were designed for, so far as I can see.

Yes, they run around like mad demons in their games and playing with each other. See above.

But they purr.

And to my mind, there’s nothing quite so soothing as a purring cat. Unless it’s purring in your ear very loudly in the middle of the night. But I digress.

It’s a joy to watch them run around, stopping from time to time to refuel so they can play some more.

It’s a joy when they display affection to you – like beating up your hand because it’s their favourite chew toy. Or grooming your head. Because it’s there.

I used to think the same way my friend thinks. But I finally realized that cats will be cat. And you know? That’s why I love them.