It’s Mine!

I was listening to a call-in show on the CBC today at noon. The theme was “the toy that got away”. Callers were asked about the one toy that they had had and loved, and that had somehow disappeared over the years.

In many instances, the “disappearances” were due to parents (usually mothers) who had thrown away the toys, or given them to charity or to other children – without consulting the child (now adult) to whom it originally belonged.

Only one of the callers mentioned how upset he was that his mother had disposed of something that was clearly and truly his.

This made me wonder. Why is it that some parents feel it is their right, or even duty, to get rid of their children’s old or excess toys – without consulting the child (teen, adult…), or without involving them in the decision process? This is something I truly do not understand. I mean, I understand decluttering, and so on. But to clearly make a decision about something that is not yours, without involving the individual to whom it belongs? What is that about?

If, for instance, the parent had said “I have a box of your stuff here, and its clearly in the way. I would appreciate your coming to get it as soon as possible, or I will gladly dispose of it for you.”

If a deadline is given, and that deadline passes, without the child/teen/adult responding, then that’s fair game.

But to make such a decision without consulting with them first? To me, that’s just wrong.

Of course, your mileage may vary.