I Dreamed

I dreamed I was thinner
I dreamed I had worth
I dreamed I was happy
From the day of my birth

And then I awoke
And looked in the mirror
And cringed to see
What had never been clearer

I’m fat and I’m lumpy. 
I’m old and I’m grey.
No one would ever
Even like me this way

My friends can all see
How I’m out of control
Why do I bother
With setting a goal?

I feel like I’m living
A daily nightmare
There’s a danger in being
Far too self-aware.

The truth is not found
In a mirror or glass
It’s found in your heart
Not in what one has

And so I must learn
To instead trust my heart
A person is more 
Than the sum of their parts.

To stop my own worries
Before they begin
Not being myself
Had been my greatest sin

It’s my soul that’s important
Not my size, nor my mien
I’ll work to become
What I’ve always been

A true friend, a poet
A songstress and bard
To comfort and help others
When life becomes hard