The Patcher

To you it may seem
Crocheting or knitting
But to her clients
It’s so much more
They may need a hat
Or a seam on their arm
Some small or large patches
Before crossing the door

She’s old now, you see
More fragile and frail
But still she greets each
And helps as she may
But soon she will need
Help from another
A new, younger patcher
One who can crochet

Or sew or do crafts
To answer their needs
Not all can be helped
And those are sent on
To others more skilled
In the art of assisting
The dearly departed
To help them pass on

And so I will take up
This mantle she offers
And use my small skills
To help those in need
It seems a sad life
But rewards are many
For who can begrudge
When a poor soul is freed