The Lady of the Wood

As soon as she saw it,
She knew that the tree
Was safe for her to hide
She’d walked so far
Into the woods
And now was very tired

She fell fast asleep
Beneath that tree
Between the tangled roots
The branches low
Around her hung
All graceful with green shoots

When she awoke early
The very next morn
She heard voices drawing near
The townsfolk found her
Smiling and calm
With not a trace of fear

As many years passed
She often returned
To rest beneath that tree
She always felt
Relaxed and safe
And even quite care free

And now she came
To the tree once more
Now an old dear friend
She knew her death
Was drawing near
It soon would be the end

She thought she saw
An old man’s face
On the tree above
And then he stepped
Down to her side
His face was full of love

He’d kept her safe
Throughout the years
And now, just as she died
He drew her back
Into the tree
To live with him inside

Once more the townsfolk
Sought her out
Fearing she was lost
They found her lying
Beneath the tree
Her body touched with frost

They buried her there
Among the roots
Of that tree she’d loved
She’d be kept safe
From wind and rain
By branches all above

They didn’t know
That now she lived
With the spirit of the tree
Her own true love
He’d waited long
To be with his lady