Stay With Me

Stay with me when I am old
And I can no longer see
Stay with me when I am sick
And feel no longer free

Stay with me when I am sad
And make me laugh again
Stay with me when I feel lost
Or can no more hold a pen

Stay with me for all my life
For I will stay with you
No matter what befalls us both
Our love will keep us true


I Will Try

I will always argue for the rights of animals.
We are not the only living creatures on this earth. And I do not believe that all other living creatures are here for our benefit. I believe that we are taking over the habitat of many animals, and we must respect that they still need food and space. I will not drive skunks from my back yard. Nor opossums, nor raccoons, nor stray cats. All are welcome to eat on my deck. All are welcome to drink water that is placed there for their benefit. My cats deserve a safe home and proper health care. They deserve toys to play with, and soft clean beds.
I am not perfect. But I will try to become better for the cats. And for all animals.

My Challenge

Who I want to be is someone who can be depended on. Someone who is not afraid to actually start something. Someone who is not afraid to make a mistake. It’s far easier said than done, and I have made some progress. But there is so much further to go. I will set myself a challenge. I will finish at least one quilt UFO this year, and I will learn to use my home quilting machine. I have nothing to lose but a few hours of my time.

A Memory

My earliest memory is of finding my bottle in my mother’s trunk. I don’t know why she had it open, but I remember my reaction. “That’s where my bottle went!” Apparently I was weaned from the bottle early, as I could not breathe at the same time as drinking from the bottle. I was born with asthma, and have lived my entire life being partially stuffed up.


One last tree standing in a forest, the result of man’s neglect

To think of any future, beyond today’s project

To maximize his profits, more money to gain power

And now the only rain that falls is only acid showers


As I sink deeper into my chair I think of all the things that I have wanted to accomplish in my life. There were so many goals and plans. I was going to have a wonderful career. I was going to be happily married, and have a family. I was going to have a house, with a gorgeous garden.

And then I start to review what I have actually accomplished. I have a happy marriage. We don’t have children, but we have cats, and a home, and friends. My husband cherishes me, and I cherish him and every day I can spend with him. To me, this is far more important than any dreams of material possessions that I may have had, and for this I am truly grateful.

Feeding Time

Behind the mirror I could see
The shadow of a form
No one was there
I was alone
My thoughts began to swarm

What was this shadowed figure there
Perhaps it was a ghost
But a ghost of who
Or what creature
Perhaps an evil host?

I imagined I could see it move
In the darkness deep
Creeping forward slowly
Without a noise
My heart began to leap

And then I heard a purring noise
Behind me on the floor
I felt a gentle touch
Against my leg
Then I feared no more

I turned around to greet the cat
With a happy sigh
It looked and meowed
“Where’s my food?
I want some mousy pie!”

So I fed my hungry cat
And settled for the night
She soon climbed up
Upon the bed
And snuggled close and tight