Let’s Talk

My favorite activity is to have a really great discussion with someone.
No, I don’t mean, “Nice weather, eh?” That’s small talk.
I mean really settling in and discussing hard stuff. Like how a better government would work. How we could give health care to everyone. How we could all share. And how we can change the world by changing attitudes.
For example – what if everyone earned a living wage? What if all jobs were valued the same, so that a sanitation worker earned the same amount as a CEO? Or a musician? Or a waitress? What if we finally admitted that these jobs – the ones typically considered as menial – are as important to the survival of society as executive positions in companies. Actually, why are executives considered important? Really? What do they bring to the table for society?
This is the stuff I like to discuss, and to speculate on. This is where my true enjoyment lies.
Well, that, or a cup of tea and a good book.