My inbox is overflowing
With emails of all sorts
Subscriptions to eletters
And to groups
It seemed like the idea
To sign up at the time
But now I fear
I only jump through hoops

I never seem to clear it
I unsub left and right
And still the messages
Continue to come in
I try to read them all
But they put me to sleep
My interest in the news
Has seemed to thin

Maybe I should just hit delete
And get rid of all
But then I might miss
Something important
So for now I’ll keep on scrolling
To search for what I need
But my willingness to read
Is being shortened


I want to dream
About spaceships and kings
And eleven maids
And more
I want to dream
About castles grand
And a dance on
An aliens shore

I want to dream
Of fiery steeds
Of dragons on
The wing
I want to dream
Of mighty quests
Great deeds and
Other things

I want to dream
Of all these things
I want to sing
And dance
And so I read
These lovely books
That’s how I’ll get
My chance


My super power is to worry
I worry about this and of that
I’m so good at worrying
That I never need to wonder
If I’ll have something to do
With my brain
‘Cuz it’s all
About what

Could possibly go wrong today
Or will there be some lunch, or a snack
It fills up my days
With a fine, sweet mental haze
All my hours
Are quite full
With a lack

Of sensible thoughts or ideas
A philosophy of life and of death
I’d like to have a life
That’s not so full of strife
In my brain
But I guess
With each breath

My brain will continue to worry
It seems there’s nothing better to do
Maybe I’ll read a book
Or go and have a look
At some cats
Or perhaps
Have a brew

If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail

If I knew I couldn’t fail,
I’d soar up to the sky
I’d set out on adventures
I would not fear to fly

If I knew I couldn’t fail
I’d take another chance
I’d find myself a new love
I’d even learn to dance

If I knew I couldn’t fail
I’d have a new career
I’d make new discoveries
My life would hold no fear

But alas, I’m all too human
And errors I will make
And that’s no reason not to try
So new thirsts I will slake

I’ll try my wings tomorrow
I’ll learn new things today
I may fail, but I will try
And that is still okay


If I could write larger stories
About spacemen and aliens and such
I’d write about a first contact
Where everything seems to go much

Better than we could hope for
We’d learn to be loving and kind
Our world would be a better place
A better home for all mankind

If I could write larger stories
I’d write about the end of war
And hunger and illness and sadness
How there’d be no need for more

Constant help from all our brothers
And sisters to help us to mend
Our wounds and we’d all have our homes
Struggles for power would end

But I only write very small stories
About life and loving and friends
I talk of my cats and their foibles
And of all the stuff that sends

My brain to such crazy places
That my sanity seems to be gone
Clearly I need to write larger
And happier tales from now on


In the end
It didn’t matter
Who was right
And who was wrong
They all died
After battle
None were left
To write their song

Of the glory
Of their deeds
Or the rightness
Of their beliefs
All were gone
And all were equal
None were left
To show their grief

No side won
And no side lost
Both were gone
To lie in graves
Shall we learn
From their mistakes
And choose instead
Our world to save

My job

My ideal job
Would be to read
And read and read
All day

There’d be no need
To talk or work
My books would be
My pay

But then at night
I’d need to sleep
And books don’t make
A bed

So now I think
My perfect job
Is sleep, and sleep