The Internet

Without the Internet I would have so much more time in my life.

Hello. My name is Peggi. I’m an internet addict.

I spend a good (bad?) portion of my day checking out what’s happening with my friends, and with the world in general, on Facebook. I play addictive games that I have downloaded for free. I wade through far too many emails, looking for the few that are actually of value.

It’s not like I’ve been forced to do any of this. I chose my way. I chose to download the games. I chose to join Facebook. I chose to subscribe to *far* too many newsletters.

But I’m older now. Maybe even wiser. And it’s time to wean myself off, a little bit at a time.

Maybe I’ll start by spending some time writing. Then I can post to my WordPress blog!

Oh. Wait.



I watch the leaves falling from the trees, and feel the nip in the air. Autumn is here in full force, and winter is just around the corner. It’s nice to sit indoors, and watch my cats as they note each leaf dancing and falling to the ground. It’s almost as if they’re watching fairies, and perhaps they are. The leaves are their brightly coloured clothes, and they are dancing through the air on their way to the ground to join their brethren.


The search for a hotel is a bit like the search for a life.
Some are big enough to hold everything you want, but the price may be beyond your means.
Some are too small to enable you to do anything, so you just move on.
Some are in between, with lots of room to do most of what you want, but compromises have to be made.
There’s just no pleasing everyone.


If I write slower I would end up with the same output that I have now.

This is not to say that I’m unhappy with my output. (Well, maybe a little.) If I put my mind to it, I can generally come up with something to say. (Some might say too much!) But the truth of the matter is, one has to practise in order to improve.

So I practise. Some days more than others. Most days it’s prose, but once in a while some lyrics slip in.

This is not one of those days.

A Friend

A good friend always helps you see things rationally.

It may not be the way you want to see them. It may be difficult to see them that way. To see the reality of the situation. But a good friend will be there to help you see it properly, and to help you accept what you see, and to move on.

A good friend will help you pick up the pieces, and will give you a sanity check when necessary.

Or they might just curl up on your lap and purr.

My Days

The best day would be one where I finish everything on my ToDo list.

I mean, it has happened, but it is rare.

And yet, even though I feel I have accomplished something on those days, it feels as if the accomplishment is very small. There is always so much else to do.

And then there are the days when my cat comes and jumps up on me, just to look at me and purr. Or even to lie on top of me and to sleep. And the days when I spend time with my husband, just being together, holding hands, seeing something new. Or just talking. About us. About the universe. About our cats.

Those are the very best days of all.


My inbox is overflowing
With emails of all sorts
Subscriptions to eletters
And to groups
It seemed like the idea
To sign up at the time
But now I fear
I only jump through hoops

I never seem to clear it
I unsub left and right
And still the messages
Continue to come in
I try to read them all
But they put me to sleep
My interest in the news
Has seemed to thin

Maybe I should just hit delete
And get rid of all
But then I might miss
Something important
So for now I’ll keep on scrolling
To search for what I need
But my willingness to read
Is being shortened